Restore your Body of Waters with Bonuses

Course Summary

In this signature foundational course as a Water Keeper, you will be restoring your body of water from Earth Star Chakra to Crown Chakra.

You will make your way through the energy systems of your own body, restoring the natural purity and flow of water in your body.

You will start by grounding into your connection to the Earth and her waters as a source of constant support for you in your journey.

You will then travel through the tributaries of your own inner rivers to clear out the toxins, blockages, impurities, and imbalances in your system that disrupt and prevent the natural, freely flowing movement of water in your body.

Through this process, you will open yourself up to discover and experience more of your true natural self, and how it wants to be expressed into the world.  


Elizabeth Gutierrez

  • Restore your Body of Waters with Bonuses
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